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Mid-January 2023 Book Goals Update!

The characters are all mad.

Here's what I'm writing now:

  • Robin of Larkspur #3 - Rogue Ranger is done

  • Robin of Larkspur #4 went off the rails and the characters are all insane. Seriously. They set fire to the outline and are raising pagan gods. I don't know where we're going in this book, but it's not where it was supposed to go! 😂

  • I've written 14 chapters and posted them on Patreon and I'm a few hours to substack too for a book that's not supposed to exist (Shards For His Gift). It's now book 10 of the Curse Breaker series. 🤦‍♀️ And it's so heartwarming. I love it!

  • A preview of some new art the characters ordered. I don't know what book it's for yet. I'm not sure they know either. 😂

Melinda’s Substack
Melinda’s Substack