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Inside the Curse Breaker Special Edition Hardcover Omnibus Kickstarter
Inside the Curse Breaker Special Edition Hardcover Omnibus Kickstarter
The campaign is live. Back now to secure your reward.

Hi, I’m indie fantasy author, Melinda Kucsera, and I’m here today to take you inside my kickstarter campaign and talk about the 3 special edition hardcover omnibuses that are part of it. So let’s go!

So what’s the Kickstarter campaign for?

I want to bring 3 big and beautiful digitally signed hardcover omnibuses that collect the first 9 books of the Curse Breaker series to life!

These hardcover omnibuses will honor my sister. She loved hardcover books with pretty dust jackets. So we wanted to create some in memory of her and also for our hardcover lover fans out there.

I’ve neglected you for too long because there wasn’t a viable way to bring beautiful hardcover books to you until now.

Go to our campaign now, check out the reward tiers and back the one with the rewards you want.

Still on the fence? Let’s take a peek inside the campaign:

Get 2527 pages of epic fantasy adventures starring:

  •  a reluctant mage

  • his precocious son/wannabe sidekick

 Join their fight to survive and thrive in a world that hates and fears magic but is steeped in it.

The Story

Meet Sarn, a reluctant mage with a big problem. He lives in a country that's covered by a giant, quasi-sentient enchanted forest. Unfortunately, the rulers of this land hate and fear magic so much, they made using it an offense punishable by death. 

Magic might be illegal, but that doesn't stop monsters and ancient evil beings from showing up at Sarn's door. His magic isn't subtle or quiet, and it doesn't want to hide anymore. 

But that's not Sarn's only problem. Since there's no such thing as child care, there's no one to watch his son when danger arrives on their doorstep. 

Meet Ran, a precocious child who'd make a great sidekick if his dad would be a little less overprotective. But that doesn't stop Ran from running into danger right behind his beloved Papa. After all, even heroes need someone to remind them about important things like ducking, casting shields, and when to run for their lives.  

How can Sarn protect his son and his city at the same time?

Find out in 9 full-length adventures (almost a million words) collected into three 734-900 page omnibuses  available in glossy hardcover books for the first time with beautiful new cover designs not available anywhere else. 

Want to tryout this series and meet Sarn and his son before backing? You can download their first adventure, Curse Breaker Enchanted here

The Omnibuses

All three hardcover omnibuses are digitally signed and come with the Queen of All Trees' stamp of approval.  Since she's a giant, sentient, magical tree, she may place the mark anywhere in the book.  

Back now to secure your copy! The campaign ends on at 10:54 am EST on Oct 14.

Don't wait! Secure your reward now.

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