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Fantasy, Lore, & More with Beauty and the Necromancer

Fantasy, Lore, & More with Beauty and the Necromancer

Hi, I'm indie fantasy author, Melinda Kucsera, and in this episode, Kate Seger is joining me to talk about her book, Beauty and the Necromancer.

What's it about?

  • In a world ravaged by a terrible curse, a Beauty braves the dangers of the wild to provide for her struggling family.

  • Desperate and running out of options, she dares to enter the crumbling ruins of Eldritch Manor, a place whispered to be home to an infamous monster - the dreaded Necromancer.

  • Amidst the decaying grandeur and mysteries of the manor, Beauty discovers that the fearsome Necromancer is not at all what she expected. Beneath his intimidating exterior and dark powers lies a complex man with his own painful past.

  • As Beauty spends more time in the Necromancer's domain, an unlikely bond forms between them. She starts to unravel the secrets of Eldritch Manor and see glimmers of humanity in her monstrous host. But with the curse still ravaging the land and threatening everyone she holds dear, Beauty faces difficult choices.

  • In this dark and atmospheric retelling of a classic tale, Beauty must find the courage to look beyond appearances, for she may hold the key to breaking the curse... and to mending a broken soul. Dare to enter a realm where monsters walk and magic flows in 'Beauty and the Necromancer', Book 1 of the Monsters and Maidens series.

  • Beauty and the Necromancer is a dark, atmospheric character-driven fantasy retelling.

  • Set in the Monsters and Maidens series created by Kate Seger, Beauty and the Necromancer is romantic fantasy.

What's in this episode:

  • Kate Seger will take us into a world of curses, monsters, necromancy with an excerpt from Beauty and the Necromancer, and we'll explore aspects of that world, like its magic, mysteries, and classic tale inspirations.

  • We'll find out what to expect from the Monsters and Maidens series and maybe get some spoiler-free highlights of what's to come.

  • We'll discuss Beauty's journey from providing for her family to finding humanity in the Necromancer, and discover worldbuilding details about Eldritch Manor, the curse ravaging the land, and more.

  • Join us in a place where monsters roam, magic flows, and a fateful bond challenges a terrible curse.

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I am Melinda Kucsera, an indie fantasy author who wrote and published 20+ books since 2016 across 6 series. I write epic fantasy adventures about families and magical creatures who’re just trying to survive in a world that hates and fears magic but is steeped in it.

My books are full of magic and mayhem, but somehow, even the darkest adventure always ends well. ⁠⁠⁠Join me⁠⁠⁠ every week for a new story.

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