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Fantasy, Lore, & More: The Chronicles of Chaos

Fantasy, Lore, & More: The Chronicles of Chaos


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Hi, I’m indie fantasy author, Melinda Kucsera, and in this episode of Fantasy, Lore, & More, Glen Dahlgren is joining me to talk about his newly completed series, The Chronicles of Chaos, including the The Game of War, The Child of Chaos, The House of Prophecy, and the soon-to-be-released The Realm of Gods.

What’s the series about? 

  • The ninety-nine gods of Order—Good, Evil, Law, War, and many more—grip the world like a vice. Priests of War, the gods’ iron fists, collect tithes from the common folk, auctioning off anyone who can’t pay to become property of the temples.

  • Against this suffocating oppression rise the Harbingers of Chaos, rebels desperate to unleash Chaos itself, imprisoned millennia ago. Their hope? A prophecy of the Child of Chaos, destined to crack open the vault and reshape the world. But the key, it’s said, lies within the very gods they defy.

  • The battle spills beyond the mortal realm, seeping into the Dreaming, where imagination bleeds into reality and gods clash in an eternal war. A handful of mortals, gifted with access to this perilous landscape, find themselves thrust into the heart of the conflict, their choices holding the fate of their world in the balance.

  • The critically-acclaimed designer behind Robert Jordan's "The Wheel of Time" game, delivers a fantasy series hailed as "what fantasy fiction should be" (New York Times Bestselling author Piers Anthony).

  • Winner of the Reader's Favorite Gold Medal, the American Fiction award, and the IAN Best Book of the Year award, the Chronicles of Chaos is Epic YA Fantasy at its best.

What’s in this episode:

  • Glen Dahlgren will discuss the origins and development of the series, and give us hints as to where it could go. (TV and Movies)

  • He is a computer game developers who has worked with such world-class authors such as Robert Jordan (the Wheel of Time), Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman (the Death Gate Cycle and Dragonlance), Terry Brooks (Shannara), and Piers Anthony (Xanth).

  • The Child of Chaos was supposed to be a one-shot (the world explodes at the end), so the next book was a prequel—but that prequel (GoW) became so critical to the series, that it should be read before moving onto the House of Prophecy. A seed of an idea in CofC became the core of the world (The Dreaming) that was further explored in House of Prophecy and fully illuminated in the finale, the Realm of Gods.

  • The whole series took 25 years to write, ending on 2/27/2024 when The Realm of Gods will be released.

  • Themes include the power of imagination to change the world, even in the face of incredible resistance, people’s resilience in the face of generational oppression, and the importance of determination, loyalty, and sacrifice.

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