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Fantasy, Lore, & More: Amaskan's Blood & Voices Carry

Fantasy, Lore, & More: Amaskan's Blood & Voices Carry

Hi, I'm indie fantasy author, Melinda Kucsera, and in this episode, Raven Oak is joining me to talk about Amaskan's Blood, Amaskan's Honor, & Voices Carry.

What's Amaskan’s Blood about?

  • Adelei is a master assassin in the feared Order of Amaska. On a supposed suicide mission deep in the Kingdom of Alexander, she finds herself in the hands of her birth father and the Order's enemies. With no holy order to protect her, Adelei tumbles into political schemes and discovers magic is very much alive in the Little Dozen Kingdoms.

  • Amaskan's Blood throws readers into an action-packed fantasy world where loyalties shift like sands and every truth depends on which side of the sword you stand.

What's in this episode:

  • Raven Oak will plunge us into her fantasy realm with a discussion of the intrigue and deadly stakes surrounding Adelei's mission. 

  • We'll discuss worldbuilding the enthralling conflict between the Order of Amaska and the magic-wielding forces opposing them.

  • We'll explore Adelei's inner journey as she questions loyalties and faces truths that shatter her understanding as well as Raven’s personal connection with them. 

  • Join us in a world where assassins, magic, and the machinations of kings and gods collide and stay for a discussion of her new memoir, Voices Carry.

  • How did Raven, an abuse-surviving queer, end up teaching in the middle of the Bible Belt? Better yet, how did Raven survive? Find out in Voices Carry, a journey of transition and self-discovery in a world built on silence.

Where to get the books:

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About your host, Melinda Kucsera:

I am Melinda Kucsera, an indie fantasy author who wrote and published 20+ books since 2016 across 6 series. I write epic fantasy adventures about families and magical creatures who’re just trying to survive in a world that hates and fears magic but is steeped in it.

My books are full of magic and mayhem, but somehow, even the darkest adventure always ends well. ⁠⁠⁠Join me⁠⁠⁠ every week for a new story.

What series do I write?

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