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Fantasy, Lore, & More: A Breaking of Realms

Fantasy, Lore, & More: A Breaking of Realms

Hi, I’m indie fantasy author, Melinda Kucsera, and in this episode Jasmine Young is joining me to talk about her upcoming book, A Breaking of Realms.

What’s it about?

  • Build realms. Follow the rules. Never go rogue. The Realm-Building Enterprise is open to all. Under the laws of the Republic of Aranor Elondris, anyone may rise to glory and become the next legendary dragon rider. All it takes is hatching an egg—a legal one, that is.

  • Skálda Branwright dreams of leaving the Longcold and becoming the first Dragonlord to build an official realm. But that may prove difficult after she defies the Enterprise and rescues a wild hatchling. This is no ordinary dragon. It was best kept dead. The Enterprise is a human’s path to a glorious future—but it is ruthless to those who would defy the elves that made the rules.

  • She never meant to steal a dragon. She always meant to build a realm. She never wanted to break the continent. A Realm-Breaker is coming.

  • A Breaking of Realms is an action-heavy, character-driven epic fantasy. Set in the world created by Jasmine Young, A Breaking of Realms brings dragons, adventure, and high stakes to life.

What’s in this episode:

  • Jasmine will take us into a world of dragon riders and realm building with an excerpt from A Breaking of Realms, and we’ll explore aspects of that world like the Realm-Building Enterprise and the Republic of Aranor Elondris.

  • We’ll find out what to expect from the upcoming Four Kingdoms series and maybe get some spoiler-free highlights of what’s to come.

  • We’ll discuss Skálda's journey from Longcold orphan to potential Realm-Breaker and discover details about the intricate political structures, dragon lore, and elven magic.

  • Join us in a place where legendary dragon riders vie for power, and freedom comes with a price.

Where to get the book:

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About your host, Melinda Kucsera:

I am Melinda Kucsera, an indie fantasy author who wrote and published 20+ books since 2016 across 5 series. I write epic fantasy adventures about families and magical creatures who’re just trying to survive in a world that hates and fears magic but is steeped in it.

My books are full of magic and mayhem, but somehow, even the darkest adventure always ends well. ⁠Join me⁠ every week for a new story.

What series do I write?

  • The Curse Breaker series chronicles the adventures of a reluctant mage (Sarn), his son, and the magical creatures they befriend as they fight to save their underground city from monsters, ancient evils, and a variety of magical threats.

  • The His Angelic Keeper series follows a ghost girl who just wants to save her still-living family, not stop a demon invasion or the literal apocalypse, but she’ll do that too if she must. (This is a humorous series that stars Sarn’s twin sister from the Curse Breaker series).

  • The Robin of Larkspur series follows Robin, a woman who just wants to save her daughter from the mythical creatures that kidnapped her baby. Sarn tries to help her.

  • The Divergent Heroes series is supposed to star two knights who are partially disabled but a younger version of Sarn keeps stealing the scenes.

  • The Curse Breaker’s Companion series which includes side quests, wacky what ifs, and stories from my newsletter of Sarn and his family in our world because they won’t stay inside the epic fantasy books they star in. They’d rather visit me through a portal conveniently located in their cave.

Why am I here?

  • I want to give you more fun adventures, more often, and create a community of fantasy readers to share ideas with, new stories, artwork, and have fun. So I’m taking the plunge and posting chapters of my upcoming books, bonus content, podcasts, videos, audiobooks, boxed sets, deleted scenes, alternate endings and beginnings, Patron-only stories, and more.  

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