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Curse Breaker Enchanted - Chapter 1
Curse Breaker Enchanted - Chapter 1

Hi, I am Melinda Kucsera, an Independent fantasy author, and I narrate Curse Breaker Enchanted, the first book in my Curse Breaker series and the cornerstone of my epic fantasy world, in a new series called Reading Curse Breaker Enchanted.   

What's in this episode?  

  •  I talk a little about my deceased sister and the promise that brought the book into being 

  • I read a note from the character

  • I narrate Part 1's introduction

  • I narrate the first chapter from Curse Breaker Enchanted

  • I talk a little about overpowered heroes and how I limit them.   

Read along with me!  

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About the Audio Production:  

I did some research and mastered this recording according to the specifications Audible requires for inclusion in their catalog of audiobooks, and it passed their checks.  I worked hard to make that part where I narrate sections of the book sound as much as possible like an excerpt from a professional audiobook. The conversational pieces bracketing it are still high quality but there are two places where I had to rerecord two very short sections and they sound a little different. I am not sure why since everything including the microphone and settings was the same.

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Epic Fantasy Adventures with Melinda Kucsera

I am Melinda Kucsera, an indie fantasy author and I narrate chapters from my adventure books, talk about other fantasy books and shows and try my best not to get derailed by the shenanigans of characters who are supposed to be fictional, but they don't stay within the pages of my books. I tell all their secrets and what trouble they get into in between books. Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>